Thursday, January 17, 2013

Customer Care Package

I was participating in the #custserv chat the other night. It is so stimulating to share ideas with others who make customer satisfaction their priority! But it started me thinking about how I can help make our customers more successful - right from the start. We have so many tools available to help them get started, but each person learns in their own special way. Do I point them at video tutorials, the help page, or the one page cheat sheet? When do I introduce them to the Tips and Tricks binder that we put together that helps them take our product to the next level?

I turned to the one product that I know can help me organize and share information better than any other - LiveBinders! (Ok, I know, I really should have thought of this before.) I decided to create a "Customer Care Package". It has tabs for everything you need to get started and everything you need to become an expert. The customer can pick whether they want to watch video tutorials or just scan the help page. It is also easy to update as I find more excellent getting started tools that our customers seem to just create on their own.

We decided that will be emailed out as part of the welcome message, instead of the list of links that we currently send out when someone signs up.

How do you help your customers get started?

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