Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspiration from a Pitbull

When you are working in a start-up the hours are long, you have a tiny budget, and progress is often slower than you want it to be. When I feel down or frustrated, I like to seek inspiration from others. I find great enjoyment in watching others who have overcome tremendous obstacles and it makes me feel that anything is possible.

My newest source of inspiration comes from my latest house-hold addition, a 10 month old pit bull. I know what immediately comes to your mind - tenacity, strength, and aggressiveness. But none of those are the reasons why Chewy is my inspiration.

Chewy came from the pound in San Luis Obispo. He was found as a stray. His tail is mangled and broken, so he can't really wag it. He had an abscessed tooth that had to be extracted and has scars on his legs. I don't know what the young dog has been through, but it doesn't look like he had an easy start to his life. Whatever scared his body however, took absolutely no toll on his spirit. Chewy loves everyone. Even our grumpy older dog gives in to Chewy's insistence on playing. Chewy was often used at the humane society to test new dogs to see if they would get along with others. Chewy isn't bothered by even the most aggressive dogs. He happily tries to get them to play and then leaves them alone if they growl or become aggressive. But he never takes it personally. He occasionally gets scolded for chewing on things, but he comes right back with a soft poke of his nose to let me know that he was just having fun.

Everyday I try to be more like Chewy. I try to find good in everyone, I try to enjoy the simple things that often fill my days, and I try to not let the grumpy dogs bring me down.