Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Making Board Meetings Productive

I recently ran across an email that I had sent my staff in a previous company on how I like to run board meetings. I was reminded that this format made for very productive board meetings and good engagement with both the staff and the board, so I thought it was worth sharing. Here is that note to my staff:

Since we have a couple fairly new people in the estaff group, I'd like to review the way I like to handle board meetings
  • Dry run - We have a dry run on Monday or Tuesday before the board meeting, so that we know what everyone is saying and so that we are consistent.
  • Presentations -The completed presentations and handouts are due to me by Wed afternoon so that they can be sent to the board Wed evening. This includes all handouts. Nothing gets handed out at the board meeting that we haven't discussed in advance. Each presentation should consist of accomplishments for the month and plans for next month. Please include the goals from last month to show the progress.
  • No surprises -If we have significant news (good or bad) as far as sales or schedule slips or anything, we notify the board before the board meeting. This gives them time to digest the information and bring to the board meeting their thoughts and suggestions on the matter.
  • Participants - You are encouraged bring in members of your staff to present during times of focus on their area. For example, when we were launching a new product, you may want to bring in the Marcom manager to discuss the launch.
These board meetings are as much for us as they are for the board. They help us focus and organize our thoughts in a way that can be communicated not just to the board, but also within our own departments and to the rest of the company. We are extremely fortunate that we have an excellent board that offers useful insights from the other companies that they are involved with, so please take advantage of this by asking them questions as well. Thanks!
Now it did help that I had a fabulous board, but I believe this level of preparation and organization made the meetings both productive and efficient..